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My soul it burns, my head it churns, my heart unnerves,
But my body, it learns. It learns to love when I hate.
It learns to dissolve all the feelings my mind can create.
Just like the rest of the world, I'll leave a sense of wonder to minds.
Keep myself behind closed blinds, and leave my thoughts for none to find.

I'll wear this mask today, I'll wear this mask tomorrow.
I'll hide my past before it brings such sorrow.
To myself, more than it could for my peers.
But I'll appear to be at ease, and dig my skin, and grind my teeth.
Because it's easier to deal with yourself, when you live your life as Someone else.

But this role I play, this face I wear,
though someone else without one care.
It's just another display of myself,
That's formed a conscience all by itself.
This hollow body that carves away at my thoughts,
that keeps the structure of my life in knots.

Today, tomorrow, I'll play this harp of bliss.
And I'll play these songs of forgiveness.

For when I see you, and you see me,
I see shades of gray, but all you'll see is vibrant colors of dishonesty.
To think, there he is, he let it out, but I promise you without a doubt.
I'm not what you think, or see, or hear.
I'm not this smile you've grown to fear.
My eyes are sin, my mouth is lust
My face covered with this dirt of trust.
I wash away with every memory
That wears at my heart like crumbled rust of misery.
So I'll sit, and I'll wait,
Today, tomorrow, and I'll keep up with this charade that I'm at ease with my heart.
Oh, I'll wait for the sirens of youth to sing my name and mend this painting back to it's frame.
So my soul will feel at ease with my bone, and I'll wait for the sirens to scream welcome home.

My heart is hollow from the way that you're taunting me, why are you haunting me?
It's hard for me to swallow down my pride and be who I should be.
I hold the key, I hold the key.
That unlocks all my hopes and all my dreams.
I hold the key, I hold the key.
So why do you think you can set me free?

So my soul will feel at ease with my bone and I'll wait for the sirens to scream welcome home.


from I Will Define, released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


I Will Define Indianapolis, Indiana

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